Racquet Customization Program

Racquet Customization Program

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Depending on your level and frequency of play, your strings and tension will deteriorate at a fairly set pace.  Your feel, control and power are drastically affected when playing with depleted strings.  As such, we have taken all the guesswork out of it for you with our unique customization subscription.  Choose the type of customization program that fits your game, fill our our detailed form, and we do the rest for you. You have too much else on your mind to remember your racquet maintenance, but it is too important to forget!

When you enroll in our Racquet Customization Program, we will proactively reach out to you at the selected intervals to schedule a convenient drop-off/pick-up with one of our coaches or even deliver right to your door.

Then within 48-hours, you will have a perfectly customized racquet with your specific strings and tension, new headtape, and new overgrip!  Let us make sure every time you go on court you are armed with your most lethal weapon---a customized racquet.


Choose the type of program that fits your game:

  • Base: 3 customizations/year
  • Gold: 6 customizations/year
  • Deluxe: 12 customizations/year


Enroll in the Racquet Maintenance Program and let us show you the difference!