Full Racquet Customization (ADULT)

Full Racquet Customization (ADULT)

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When you buy a tuxedo at a store, you take it to a tailor to get a custom fit. A racket customization is the same process. You get the racket you like and let our Pros tailor it so it fits you perfectly.

Our 5-point process is a personalized fitting:

Point 1: We choose the right string type for your style

Point 2: We choose the right tension for your game

Point 3: We check your racket for damage, advise you and fix it if possible

Point 4: We tighten your grip and apply a fresh over-grip

Point 5: We add weight, guard tape, and dampener if necessary

You can chose to drop-off/pick-up at one of our locations in Bethesda or McLean, or let us come to your home for the ultimate convenience.  48-Hours guaranteed, with 24-hour and on-site options available.